Advisor Sessions

Let's face it.  Getting to point A always seems easy since we need to start somewhere.  It's getting to point B that's the real challenge.  Being a Photographer and a creative entrepreneur can be daunting, especially in our current landscape of how photographic images are shared and valued .  Perhaps you've taken some photography classes in the past or even completed a photography program. I'm sure you've discovered you've been given loads of information but don't really know how it can relate to your specific needs.  Maybe the challenge is just trying to get to the next point in your photography business.  My hope is that I can play a part in getting you from point A to point B.   

Advisor Sessions are one-on-one private meetings with me customized to tackling the main objectives relevant to your photography and business.  With over 18+ years of combined Marketing & Photography experience and teaching photography at some of Vancouver's most popular photography schools, I'm available to offer you encouraging yet tangible advice as your Advisor.

To start, I'll be assessing where you're at and start tailoring a plan to establish some realistic goals to get you moving along.  Sessions are scheduled on an 'as need basis' but It's import to have regular follow-up meetings to help establish accountability and update/tweak what's been discussed.  Sessions can be held  in the privacy of my studio in Yaletown or any place quiet where we can have meaningful discussion. If you're out of town, I would be happy to work off Skype meetings to get things started.

I'm organized, love to problem solve, and I'm especially passionate about helping others thrive in doing what they love. But you still need to do the work.  At the end of the day this is your photography, your business. 

So if you're ready to take the next step and put the work into it, let's get started!!