Welcome Pippa!


Yes, this adorable little girl was the baby I had the honor of photographing while I was in Hong Kong recently.  Isn't she so precious?  Lily and Steve, her parents were married a couple years back at the Sooke Harbour House.  Their spectacular three-day wedding festivities were featured in a previous issue of Real Weddings magazine.  Steve & Lily both live in Hong Kong and Lily had miraculously planned the splendid wedding celebrations overseas.  I had not seen them since they were married so it was so great catching up with them and seeing the new edition to their family!

Pippa (her first name is actually Gabriella but with Dad being Australian, they had to inject an Australian name in there somewhere!).  She was three months old when I photographed her and I can't wait to see how much she's grown when she's in Vancouver this summer for a visit!