We're about quarter of the way through the Wedding Photography course and so far, I am having a complete blast! The students are all so enthusiastic making it so enjoyable for me to teach them. I wanted to give special thanks to all the couples who have taken out time to model for the course.  Most of these couples were once my clients and its been so wonderful reconnecting with them. Here's a shot of Karina and Vince posing for our first photo session with the class, the engagement session.

On our second photo session, students were given opportunity to take photos during a mock wedding ceremony. We held the session at the Stanley Park Chapel , an amazing backdrop for the students to get some great shots with the couples.  I was especially touched that all my brides took their wedding dresses out for the shoot.  All of them had their dresses boxed and dry cleaned after they were married and I was extremely honoured that they all took out their dresses to help model for the class.

Our wonderful models (from left to right) Kevin & Agnes (March 2006), Sabrina & Royston (August 2006), Karina & Vince (November 2007), Chelsea & Garritt (August 2005)

It has been a wonderful experience teaching the class and being a part of these students lives as they aspire to become one of a kind wedding photographers!  Definitely lots to be thankful for:)