I can't believe that October is already here.  As we enter a time of thanksgiving, I just want to say how thankful I am to each and every one of our clients we've photographed this year and also in previous years.  I am truly blessed to have such amazing clients and each of you make it so rewarding for me to capture your life and the people that are a part of your lives.  Thank you!   I love my job. At times, it may sound like a very glamorous job but it is a lot of hard work.  Along with the photographing, there's aspects of running a business and making sure your clients are happy with your work and your service.  Last week, I was reminded that if you have passion about something and truly believe in it, you will bear fruit.  Here is an email I received from a couple who's wedding I photographed last year:

Hi Sandra,

I just had to send an email to say that Chris and I were looking at our wedding photos the other day again and found them just amazing even over a year later, the pictures brought back all the fond memories that day. You are so very talented, your style and ability to capture our special day with all those photos still blows us away and we were so glad that you were there as our photographer.

Take care,

Verna and Chris Morrison


I was so touched by the email.  More to be thankful for.  I hope everyone has lovely thanksgiving - eat lots of turkey for me!

p.s. We've had an incredible year of weddings and portraits.  We still have a tonne of images to share with you so stay tunned!