Banner of FRIENDS — St John's School Fundraiser

st_john_school_class-photo_Yaletown_Photography_photo We had a fun little project a few months back.  Mona from Markus J Hair has a daughter who attends St. John's school here in Vancouver.  As a means to raise money for their annual gala fundraiser,  her daugther's Grade 2 teacher thought of a clever way to get the kids involved in a photoshoot.  She had seen a photo on Pinterest where the student's spelt out the word 'Friends' with their bodies as they laid on the floor.  She thought it would be a great way to get the kids all involved and when I was shown the photo, I knew that it was time to really make our image ten folds better:)

In a span of less than a hour, in the corner of their school gym, we set up one large white seemless paper and two lights on umbrellas.  From here I knew it would be literally impossible to light the entire word "Friends" with just two lights, so we decided to capture the image of each word separately and then stitch it together in post production.  As the shoot progressed, Mona found amazing ways to style the girls' hair so that it brought a lot of life into the photo and often times played with the way the word curved to their bodies.  Here's a shot of Mona having a bit of fun before the shoot while we were testing out the lighting.


Just heard over the weekend that the photo auctioned off for $4300!!  Apparently that's the most they've ever received for a gala project!! So amazed at the level of generosity from these families and so happy that I was able to be a part of such a fun project.

This grade 2 class really knew how to rock their poses:)