Cracker Jack Experience

Although mostly a digital shooter now, I still love film.  Shooting with film was and for the most part still is a right to passage in becoming a great photographer.  Understanding how to manipulate your camera settings and using different forms of film to generate a variety of artistic results was like opening a box of Cracker Jack and discovering what prize you were going to get inside.  All such lovely naustalgic experiences.

In my fridge I had kept a couple rolls of Agfa RXSII & Kodak EPP.  Sadly, both of these films have been discontinued. Extinct, much like the dinosaurs I'm afraid.  When I was in photography school, I loved shooting with both of these films and crossprocessing them.  They provided such exquisite color saturation.

I saved these rolls for a much needed vacation in Hawaii earlier this year.  Took out my Holga and just shot away. Yes, I probably could have spent time getting similar results in photoshop, even on an iPhone app for that matter. But just being able to take the shot, send it to the lab and wait in anticipation for what I was going to get brought back a deeply missed Cracker Jack feeling.

Here's my tribute and farewell to AGFA RSXII & Kodak EPP 100

With Agfa RSXII

With EPP 100 (as is the first image at top of page)