Suzuki Sensation!

Ok, so the secret (at least half of it) is out!  Remember a few weeks back on my post about the Snowman and how I did the photoshoot in the snow?  Well, the person I was photographing was none other than David Suzuki, a very well-known environmental activist and recently named one of the top ten Greatest Canadians by the CBC.  The article, which is really a personal profile of Suzuki at home, is out on newsstands this week in the Georgia Straight Living Magazine.  I had a blast with this 71-year old sensation.  He is indeed one of the most influential environmental activists of our time. And I had the privilege of taking his photo and hanging out with him a bit during the shoot.The article just used one photo, but I also want to share with you some of my favourites:  (Image 1) Dr. Suzuki really enjoys kayaking in the summers so I made sure to get a shot with his kayaks just perched above his head.  (image 2-left) A candid of my favourite shots.  This is Dr. Suzuki's reaction when I mentioned the infamous 'fig leaf shot'.  I was referring to the cover of a TV magazine he posed for a few years ago where he was almost completely nude with only a fig leaf strategically placed in the right area.  He laughed when I mentioned it because he said that it's the only topic the 'young photographers' want to talk about! (image 3 - right) And this is the shot they chose for the publication.   So by now many of you probably guessed that it's David's daughter, Severn Suzuki, who I photographed for the upcoming issue of Granville Magazine.  That mag should be published shortly so stay tuned and I'll have more images from that shoot to share with you too! GeorgiaStraight_DavidSuzuki_Yaletown_photography_editorial-photography_photoGeorgiaStraight_DavidSuzuki_Yaletown_photography_editorial-photography_photoGeorgiaStraight_DavidSuzuki_Yaletown_photography_editorial-photography_photo