Stephanie & Tony

Stephanie and Tony emailed me back in December inquiring about doing a mini wedding session on their next visit back to Vancouver.  Both spent time living in Vancouver when they were younger and they've returned to Hong Kong where they now work and live.  Their wedding is scheduled for later this September in Hong Kong and they wanted an opportunity to share with their friends some very special photos that showcased Vancouver at it’s best.  As many of you know, Vancouver’s landscape in the wintertime can sometimes look a bit bare, but we definitely chose some very unique spots that turned the winter blues into something truly heavenly.

Here’s just a taste of some of my favourites:



A heart-felt THANK YOU to Rev. Allan Burnett for opening the doors of Minoru Chapel and allowing us to take a few photos inside.  

What’s winter in Vancouver without a bit of snow?  I took Stephanie & Tony up to Cypress Mountain for some fun shots in the snow. 


After our fun outing in the snow and sun, we had a crazy turn of events.  We were just about to head down the mountain when an oncoming car got stuck in the snow and winded up blocking our path!  We all tried in desperation to get the car going again.  We pushed the car; we rocked the car; we tried to dig the snow out from the tires with branches…then with our bare hands.  Nothing worked. So we had to wait for BCAA to come tow the car out of the way.  By that time, the sun had already descended and we had lost all of our natural light.  But I truly believe that certain things happen for a reason because we ended up capturing some of the most breathtaking images of the two of them when we finally got downtown.





These were some of my most favourite images from the shoot that day.  Thank you, Stephanie and Tony for being such a cute couple to photograph, for helping to push the car out of the snow, and for being such troopers trekking in the cold with me-bbbrrrr!  Can you tell I'm already looking forward to some warmer weather?