From Babies of the main reason why I became a photographer. Relationships bind people together and as a photographer, I wanted my images to draw people closer together in relation to one another. That includes myself as well. I wanted to continue to build relationships with all my clients and to become a photographer that would capture all the important moments of their lives beyond just their wedding day. Over the past couple of months, I've had the priviledge of doing just that. Many of my clients who had us photograph their wedding day are now starting new families and we've had the wonderful opportunity to capture the beautiful moments between Mommy, Daddy and Baby:) Welcome Colobong Family (Karen, Jeffrey, and Sophia)

Welcome Yang Family (Angelique, Brian, and Isaiah)


Welcome Chan Family (Winnie, Vincent, and Nathan)

All the little ones I photographed were so incredibly adorable and so very well behaved in the front of the camera!  They all knew that I was taking their photo and this made my job so easy.  I'm so incredibly proud of all of the new families and wish them all the best - congratulations!  We have more family sessions booked throughout this summer and I'm looking forward to going out on location and having some fun outdoors with them.  For those families who wish to take advantage of the nice weather to capture some unforgettable moments with your family, please contact the studio to book a session and or to get more information.