First We Take Manhattan

Last Fall I took another trip to New York City and did an engagement session with Kimberly and Noel.  They are one of my lovely couples getting married this summer and also have connections with Jinny & Mike from my Family Ties post.

New York is one of my most favourite cities in the world and there's literally hundreds of spots I could have taken them.  We wanted to keep it personal and chose locations that Kimberly and Noel frequented.  So we took a few images in the Chelsea neighbourhood.  This meatpacking district was ripe with potential and is also home to some of Kimberly and Noel's favourite restaurants and shops.

Chelsea is still an active meat packing district so we had to dodge trucks, taxis, and workers while shooting:)  In many ways, Chelsea's cobble stone streets and warehouses really reminds me of Vancouver's Gastown and Yaletown locations, except New York is much older!

We also scooted indoors into the Chelsea Market to get some photos with the orange lanterns.  The whole market was decorated with halloween themes and was bustling with people that afternoon buying their pumpkins and enjoying the halloween displays.

After a change of clothes, we wanted to make the rest of the shoot a bit more cosmopolitan, so we went up towards the New York Highline and then off towards Fifth Avenue and the famous Flat Iron building.  Across the way from the Flat Iron is Madison Park, a place that Kimberly and Noel would often go for a burger pit stop.  

It was such a thrill being back in New York again.  I love visiting the city and having the opportunity to go gallery hoping to soak up all the creativity. This visit was especially great and I absolutely love the photos I captured of Kimberly and Noel in New York.  I can't wait for their wedding this July!