Family Ties (continued)

As a continuation to our Family Ties post last year, here's another couple we photographed who had family ties with previous couples we'd spent some time with.  Jinny and Mike were married last summer at the beautiful Westwood Plateau & Country Club.  We had just photographed Jinny's sister's wedding (Janice & David) the previous summer, and we'll soon be photographing David's brother's wedding this coming July.  Needless to say, it has been a busy couple of years for this family!

Although Westwood Plateau was their choice of venue for the wedding, Jinny & Mike are very much Vancouverites.  We decided to take them downtown for more of a city feel to their images.  Photos of the couple were done prior to the ceremony and we arranged for a private meeting for Jinny & Mike so that they would have a chance to see each other privately for the first time.  I got to witness a very shy Mike with a very happy expression when he saw Jinny for the first time in her wedding gown.  It was a very sweet moment.

This is one of my favourite images from their engagement session.  Jinny & Mike had created an engagement guestbook where they used photos from their engagement session in their guestbook.  These guestbooks have been a huge hit at our weddings and is such a personal alternative to a traditional guestbook.

Congratulations you two!  We'll be seeing you this coming July for Kimberly and Noel's wedding!

After writing this portion of the blog, I realized we actually had three weddings shot last summer that had family connections.  My shooter Cindy & I also spent some time with Brian & Candace.  Candace's older sisters, just as gorgeous as she is, have also graced our portfolio books over the years.

I love this image - it is truly a fleeting moment yet you can still capture all the emotion, the elation, and happiness in their faces.

Brian's not much of a photo guy although I have to say he was a true sport.  For most of the day he did everything we asked of him and for that, we are thankful because we never would have gotten this last shot if he didn't agree to come out with us just when the sun of going down...