Engagement Sessions...Good Times!

This past spring we wanted to think up some new and unique places to take our couples for their engagement sessions.  We wanted to make these sessions unique to their personalities...images that would describe who they were, what they liked doing or places that were meaningful to them.  We love engagement shoots - it gives us a great opportunity to get to know our couples a bit better before their wedding day.  I find it's much easier photographing a couple on their wedding day when they've done an engagement shoot with me - there's just no surprises and they know exactly how we work. I also get the chance to check out which angles work best for them so that we'll be prepared on the day of the wedding to make them look their best:) We're right in the thick of wedding season so getting a decent day off has been difficult.  Believe it or not, it's the engagement shoots that give me the opportunity to kick back and have some fun!  So on that note, I had the opportunity to go


grocery shopping at Urban Fare with Kim and Alvin, who have a love for all things culinary


wine tasting with Cindy & Ryan at the Sutton Place Wine Store



visit the Cypress Mountain look out where Michael proposed to Lynn


And hangout with Janice and Dave in Yaletown for an afternoon


A special thank you to the people at the Sutton Place Wine Merchant as well as the Urban Fare in Coal Harbour for granting us permission to shoot inside:)  Good times were had at all of my engagement sessions and I had a blast with all of my couples.  Who could possibly complain when you get to drink good wine, eat good food and visit beautiful scenic spots around Vancouver?  I love my job!!