Editorial catch-up

Since I've been away, there's been a few images I shot over the past couple of months that's been published so I finally get a chance to share with you all the great people I've had a chance to meet and photograph. Severn Suzuki feature in Granville Online

The image I shot of Severn Suzuki was finally published in the March issue of Granville Magazine Online.  It's a lovely write-up about the sought-after public speaker so I encourage you to have a read.

Although I love the image they used for the magazine

My favourites are the candid moments Severn had while being interviewed by the writer:

MBA feature in BCBusiness Magazine

I had the chance to meet two very bright women for the MBA issue of BCBusiness Magzine.

This year's MBA guide talked about two different types of MBA learning.  Distance or online-learning (through video conferencing) and the traditional classroom setting.

Casey was one of the students featured in the distance learning article:

And Rebecca was one of the students featured for the traditional classroom article:

Regardless of what learning method they chose, I admire both women for being so determined to pursue higher education and also working jobs at the same time!  It's truly amazing and I wish both of them all the best with their studies.