Diem & Hartley

I am always honored to be a part of every wedding we have the opportunity to photograph.  I feel especially privileged when the couple books well in advance.  I met Hartley the summer prior to his engagement at his cousin Gerald's wedding which we were so happy to be a part of.  I love this family!  They are so wonderful to work with and everyone is so caring and fun to be around.  Diem & Hartley booked me two years in advance from the day of their wedding.  I know to some of you two years may seem like a lifetime, but when you're given that amount of time to plan a wedding, you are also given more choices with available vendors and venues.  I know that there was a lot of thought that went into planning and executing every little detail of their wedding day.  Hartley arrived at Diem's house in the morning where they had a traditional Vietnamese Tea Ceremony.  Diem wore the exact same Vietnamese outfit that her oldest sister wore at her wedding more than 10 years ago.  Eventhough the sisters aren't the same size, the outfit surprisingly fit her like a glove!

Corpus Christi, the catholic church that Hartley grew up in, was the location of their ceremony.  I love the stain glass windows in the background.  The colours matched perfectly with the tiffany blue/brown & white color theme.

This is probably the first bridal party where more than two of the bridesmaids were pregnant!  But they still managed to make this shot work, despite the fact they weren't able to run very fast:)  Thanks for the effort!

While on location, we stumbled across a turquoise wall that was so close in color to the tiffany blue bridesmaids dresses.  I love this shot with the ladies!

And then we did something a little bit more chic with the gentlemen...

This was one of my favourite parts of their wedding - a candy station!  And not just any usual candy station...they had personalized candy bags and beautifully designed signs for every candy available.  The candy station was a definite hit at the reception and I really love the stationary they designed for the wedding.

I was extremely impressed with the entertainment that evening.  Hartley's cousin Casey is an amazing singer.  I had the chance to hear her for the first time at Gerald's wedding and she has definitely matured and grown into a brilliant singer.

And then we had other sorts of 'talent' that evening, including a little band action from some of Hartley's old high school buddies and some serious dancing from Hartley's cousin.  It really felt like a mix of Star Search combined with America's Best Dance Crew!  All in all, a very entertaining evening that really went by much too fast, especially since we all waited two years for it to happen:)  Congratulations to an amazing couple!