A Pyrotechnic New Years

I'm back in town and along with some major jet lag, I brought back with me some really amazing memories from my trip.  I spent a good chunk of my time in China celebrating the Chinese New Year.  In many ways, Chinese New Year in Asia is equivalent to Christmas in North America.  The place literally shuts down for a couple of days while people celebrate the holidays with their families.  Along with a whole lot of eating, there's also a whole lot of fireworks.  Throughout the cities across China, all you can here are constant blasts of fireworks for days. Streams of firecrackers are used not only to send off the old year, but to bring in the new year.  

Our family even had the opportunity to play with some of the fireworks and I captured some really fun images of my nephews lighting up the evening sky.  It's amazing how light can almost have it's own life at night.

I also got a chance to catch up with some past clients and did a baby shoot for one of my couples who got married a few years back (more on this another day).  All in all, a wonderful trip catching up with everyone.