1:58:21 Personal Best!

Finally, I finished the BMO Vancouver Half Marathon in sub-2 hours!  Since 2006, I started running the Vancouver Half Marathon and to my frustration I had twice finished the race just a few minutes past 2 hours.  Last year was even worse - getting sick three weeks before the race and not even able to complete my training!  As you can tell, this year was going to be 'the year' that I would complete the race in under 2 hours. I had been faithfully training for the race over the past 3 months, joining the Personal Best clinic at the Broadway Running Room.  Doing all that speed work around the track and running up hill after hill seemed to have made the difference in me being able to shave off more time and feeling pretty strong throughout the race.  All that hard work was worth it and I'm happy to say that I've made my goal!!  Now if I can only keep myself this well in shape without all that hard work... We've been super busy at the studio this past April and I have a tonne of images to share with you so stay tuned!